A.O. Smith Cirrex Solar Electric System

A.O. Smith Cirrex Solar Electric System

Solar Water Heater


  • 16 solar water heating systems - one, two and three collector configurations
  • All systems are SRCC certified OG300
  • Provides up to 70% of energy needs for water heating directly from the sun
  • Eligible for Federal Tax Credit of 30% of total installed cost (no cap) through December 2016
  • Eligible for many other state, local and utility company rebate and incentive programs
  • Can produce the same amount of energy as photovoltaic solar collectors at 1/8th of the cost
  • Proudly partnered with Chromagen™ to provide solar thermal collectors

How Does Cirrex Work?

The Cirrex® Solar Water Heater System utilizes energy from the sun to provide hot water. Solar heating systems are composed of solar thermal collectors (panels) fastened to a roof facing the sun. The panel heats up a heat transfer fluid,which is pumped to a heat exchanger to transfer the energy to the water in the storage tank. The greater the volume of the tank and number of panels that are incorporated into the system, the more energy that can be captured from the sun.

Tech Specs


Gallon Capacity: 76 - 119
Solar Collector Configurations: 1, 2 or 3 (more can be added)
Solar Collector Size (Feet): (3 1/2’ x 7’) - (4’ x 8’) – (4’ x 10’)
Heat Exchangers: Single Wall and Double Wall available
Solar Booster Tank Models: SUNX-80/120 and SUN-80/120
Solar Booster Tank Capacity (Nominal): 80 and 120 gallon
Solar Engery Factors (SEF): up to 10.1
Collector Warranty: 10 Year
Tank Warranty: 6 Year
Controls Warranty: 2 Year
Parts Warranty: 1 Year Limited


Total Weight (Lbs):

472.5 - 563.5
Tank Diameter (Inches): 24 or 28

Tank Height (Inches):

63 1/4
Shipping Weight (Lbs): 204 - 365