A.O. Smith Cirrex SUN Direct Solar Booster Tanks

A.O. Smith Cirrex SUN Direct Solar Booster Tanks 80/120

Solar Water Heater


  • Designed for installation as part of direct solar water heating systems.
  • Energy-efficient supplementary water heating source.
  • Multiple connection options for installation flexibility.
  • The DynaClean™ II system protects from lime and sediment buildup.

Tech Specs


Model Numbers: SUN-80 or SUN-120
Gallon Capacity: 80 or 119
Permaglas Ultra Coat glass
lined steel tank
Heating Element: 1 upper 240 Volt 4500 Watt
2 inches Non-CFC Foam
insulation (R16 Value)
Anode Rod: 1 Coregard Magnesium Anodes
Tank Warranty: 6 Year
Parts Warranty: 6 Year


Tank Diameter (Inches):

24 or 28
Tank Height (Inches): 63 1/4 (both models)

Shipping Weight (Lbs):

204 or 311